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Your Gateway to all things local. Seamlessly connecting you to nearby businesses, parks, trails, events, and more, simplifying your planning effortlessly.

About Nearby Nearby

After three years of innovation, we've reached a remarkable milestone: Nearby Nearby's pioneering systems are now patent pending.

This milestone marks the beginning of a new phase, inviting us to openly discuss this platform's incredible potential!

Join us in shaping the future of local and destination travel planning as we spark curiosity, raise funds, and invite everyone to be part of this journey towards reshaping the future of travel planning.

How we are Launching:  Initially, we're rolling out a beta version of Nearby Nearby to fine-tune every detail and integrate user feedback. Following this, we plan a measured expansion, growing at a pace that ensures quality and matches our development team's capabilities. This step-by-step approach will help us build a robust and user-centric platform.

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Rhonda Jean

Founder & CEO of Nearby Nearby

Bid farewell to multiple searches and outdated information; uncover all about your destination and nearby attractions effortlessly in a single search, paving the way for a world more connected and at peace.

One Search

Local Business, Parks, Events and more

Nearby Nearby is rewriting the rules of local and destination travel planning. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple searches and endless tabs. With our groundbreaking One Search functionality, discover a world of possibilities in a single click.

1Effortless Discovery:

Imagine finding everything you need for your next adventure in one place. No more juggling between sites or losing track of tabs. Our One Search feature brings together nearby businesses, events, parks, trails, and more, right at your fingertips.

2Streamlined Planning:

Simplify your travel planning process effortlessly. Enter your destination or point of interest once and unlock a wealth of related experiences instantly. Our platform automatically populates all the nearby areas of interest by distance, so you can find everything you're looking for without additional searches.

3Comprehensive Connectivity:

Whether you crave the buzz of city life or the tranquility of rural landscapes, our adaptable platform has you covered. It's not just about attractions; it's about connecting you to a mosaic of experiences. Access a diverse array of activities, ensuring every journey is uniquely yours.

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Community Hands

World Peace

At Nearby Nearby, our platform isn’t just about travel planning; it’s a catalyst for a more connected world.

By seamlessly linking individuals to diverse experiences and cultures, we aim to foster empathy, respect, and understanding. Celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity, we believe that each interaction and shared exploration paves the way toward global unity. Join us in this movement towards a more peaceful world.

Our Story

A timeline of how Nearby Nearby came to be.

Rhonda's relocation to a new state led her to create Chatham County Events, a website to share scarce local information on events and parks. This personal endeavor quickly became an essential resource, connecting the community to local happenings.

The site's growth surged, drawing nearly 2 million unique visitors a year. It expanded beyond events and parks to include local businesses, emerging as a key advertising platform. Rhonda envisioned the site as more than just an information source; she saw it as a gateway to explore surrounding areas. Her goal was to evolve the site's capabilities, enabling it to automatically suggest related points of interest, thus deepening user engagement and community connection.

In early 2020, Rhonda initiated the transformation of Chatham County Events into Nearby Nearby. Her extensive search for developers led to a promising team, prompting a temporary shutdown of her original site for redevelopment. However, COVID-19 and the developers' failure to deliver halted progress. Unwavering, Rhonda continued her search for the right team to realize Nearby Nearby's potential.

Following an extensive search, Rhonda teamed up with Barry Costa, a developer who fully grasped and expanded her vision. Initially focused on North Carolina Route 64 counties and military bases, Barry inspired a global vision for the project. He advised patenting the unique 'One Search' feature to protect the idea, a key step before further development.

Rhonda paused Nearby Nearby's development to focus on the patent application, involving thorough research and legal collaboration. After filing a Provisional Patent in August, they resumed their search for a developer to build a global-scale database, while also finalizing the provisional patent submission.

With the official patent filed, Rhonda's collaboration with BairesDev gains momentum. However, a series of strategic meetings reveals the need for substantially more funding than initially anticipated, to bring Nearby Nearby to fruition.

In 2024, Rhonda aims to raise 1 Million dollars to develop Nearby Nearby, while preparing detailed development outlines and backlogs with Barry. This capital funding will determine which of the three planned development phases is feasible, based on the funding secured. This approach reflects their commitment to adaptability and the project's potential.

We're targeting a beta launch in Chatham County, North Carolina in 2025, focusing on perfecting the platform before a larger rollout and app launch.


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